Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is the quantification of possible threats or hazards and the associated risks. 2050 Consulting performs risk analysis both as full studies and as integral essential parts of comprehensive risk management solutions.

Our cross-discipline approach to risk analysis is unique and cost effective. It includes:
1. Systematic revision of identified variables. This includes the collection and evaluation of accurate and detailed information regarding value of assets whether people, activities/operations, information, facilities, equipment or materials, degree of specific types of threats to assets, and assess all vulnerabilities to each identified asset by examining the risk data from a number of diverse perspectives and operational skills in order to identify and evaluate the risks to an asset(s).
2. Analytical inspections. This consists of cost-benefit analysis of all available security countermeasures that will mitigate the various risks to an asset, thereby weighing the potential cost of the countermeasure against its value and vulnerability.
3. Conclusions and Recommendations.

2050 Consulting's approach combines typical risk analysis methodology with “human variables” factors that contribute to a specific operational risk or conflict of interest about an investment.

The above factors may arise in the form of environmental or cultural issues, insurgency, local political bodies, and other groups with rival interests. 2050 Consulting will identify potential operational risks to an investment and offer a strategy to resolve these risks. Our team provides highly specialised customised reports that detail government stability, threats from third parties such as pressure groups, single issue movements (such as animal rights, anti-capitalists and pro life), local government or rival competitors, and examine the socio-psychological foundations of such behaviour, whilst addressing the operational and security implications of the contributing factors.

In addition to the risk analysis projects we are commissioned to do by our clients, we produce independent, standalone, risk analysis reports that can be tailored to assist specific clients’ needs. These reports are produced in the following risk analysis fields:
• Geopolitics
• Culture, Ethnicity and Religion
• Countries
• Environmental litigation

Geopolitical Risk Analysis
Geopolitical analysis is expert examination of the wider influences of a given region, examining political persuasion and cultural biases in political decision-making. We examine individual political polices and the effects on the region as a whole together with the interests of our client. It includes in-depth analysis of the inter-regional socio-political dynamics that affect the economic structure of the country and region, and the possible affects of intra country public opinion interacting with political ideals and it's affect on region stability.
We concentrate on the potential success or failure of specific industries/sectors within the given region. In cases where success is foreseeable, we provide comprehensive strategies to negate the risk of failure.

Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Risk Analysis
CERA includes appraisal of the potential conflicts of interests that may occur as a result of cultural or religious misunderstanding and the effects on local operations, personnel and business continuity. Negotiating hazards expected as a result of cultural, ethnic and religious bias and predicted interpersonal communication problems.

We address and predict the difficulties of interpersonal issues such as cultural norms, attitudes and beliefs. In addition we look into the hiring of local personnel and the potential detrimental affects on operational performance as a result “pseudo-strikes”. We examine specific religious ideologies, allowing early prediction of the potential operational risk variables to investment interests, that would include religious terrorism and insurgency and even the more mundane ideological resistance to a corporate culture.

Country Risk Analysis
Country analysis is an examination of the “Political/Economic Risk” of the given country detailing the operational risks to a local/foreign investment that will include country infrastructure, Labour Activism, Trade Unions, potential Pressure Group activity, terrorism, insurgency and the effects on a specific project /sector.

The analysis covers the social system of a given country demonstrating the traditional social patterns and values that will include - educational, religious profile of the differing faiths, social norms and attitudes towards cross cultural practices, the status of women and attitudes towards foreign investment.

Environmental Litigation Risk Analysis
Environmental Litigation Risk Analysis is in-depth analysis of the laws governing environmental issues in a country and the potential of changing or altering these laws and regulations and its impact on the success or failure on current and future projects.

We perform studies comparing environmental laws in different countries to identify the best location for specific investment.

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