Modelling and Simulation

Modelling and Simulation are invaluable tools to enhance our understanding of systems and predict their behaviours in any plausible scenarios. We use these tools as part of projects evaluation and for independent studies.

Prediction and verification of the expected performance and behaviour of a system or a plant can greatly reduce project risk(s). In many cases, dynamic process modelling provides the only reliable and viable method of confirming effective and safe designs. Advances in the science of predictive modelling have led to the development of various modelling programmes that provide accurate and reliable results.

We possess wide expertise in modelling techniques that allows analysis of specific and complex problems to meet any projects requirements. Techniques employed include:
• Dynamic simulation
• Linear and dynamic programming
• Monte Carlo analysis
• Statistical analysis
• Database applications

We perform modelling and simulation for projects in the following areas
• Oil and gas (separation, compression systems, refrigeration systems)
• Environment (water body’s level, climate change, debris flow)
• Materials handling (particulate vibration and cohesion)
• Crowd safety
• Finance

We do not restrict ourselves to specific method or software, but use the best available on the market or from our portfolio of developed in-house tools depending on the projects’ specific needs or the clients’ preferences and specific requirements.

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