Risk Assessment and Management

Risk is the new reality. Governments, businesses and organisations irrespective of size and operational environment cannot afford to ignore it anymore. Nowadays the world is faced with fundamentally new and more complex challenges. The potential is high for damage or loss of assets whether people, activities/operations, information, facilities, equipment or materials. At the same time the margin of tolerance for risk and mistakes is being lowered, and regulators are getting stricter while regulations are more comprehensive and far reaching.

Risk studies (assessment and management) are used in many applications as an intrinsic part of planning, design, and the modification or development of new systems and projects. These studies often form the basis on which investment decisions are made, statutory approvals are requested and justification validated for concessions.

Risk management is a complex process of selecting the appropriate countermeasures in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk to an asset whether people, activities/operations, information, facilities, equipment or materials at an acceptable cost. It requires skilled insight, information gathering and distinct problem solving skills in order to arrive at an effective solution to risk management. The focus of our risk management strategy is to determine through objective risk assessment the degree of vulnerability assets will undergo, in relation to the value (both perceived and actual) and threats to their existence.

The principal components of risk studies are:
Risk Analysis: hazard or threat identification and risk quantification.
Impact and Consequence Assessment: both present and future, and mitigation strategy.
Verification and validation.

Our services include social, political, cultural and ethnic differences variables that often have a significant impact on international investments opportunities as well as traditional risk analysis arising from economic or environmental factors. This specialist risk management support is required when considering investment opportunities in potentially hostile environments.

We can address the following risk management variables:
Political risk, including state corruption, civil war, international conflicts, cultural and ethnic, and organised crime such as piracy, drugs and arms smuggling routes
Terrorism risk, including political, religious and environmental terrorism
Environmental risk, including natural, accidental, or deliberate (e.g. sabotage)
Business/organisational risk, including economic and technical risks.

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